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Writing your own vows has never been easier.

On sale for its LOWEST PRICE EVER in honor of the 2024 wedding season!

Three things to know about writing your own vows

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1. Anyone can write jaw-dropping vows.

You don't need to be a poet or a professional writer to create heartfelt vows. With the right guidance and inspiration, anyone can articulate their love and commitment in a way that resonates deeply with their partner.

But that can feel like one hell of a high bar! So it’s important to remember…

2. It's totally normal to feel intimidated by your vows—

And it's normal to be intimidated by anything you haven't tried before! The truth is, *most things* feel a little weird or challenging the first time you encounter them, and writing vows can be a daunting task, even for seasoned writers. And the thing about writing wedding vows is that most people are doing it for the first time, so at least you're in good company! 

And tbh vows can be an especially weird thing to write! But remember, that’s just because you’re new to it. I promise you...

3. You are the most qualified person to write vows that will wow your partner!

No one knows your relationship better than you do. Your unique experiences, memories, and shared moments provide a rich foundation for crafting vows that are meaningful and authentic.

That's where my Vows Guide can help!

Hi, I'm Tori


I didn't set out to write a Vows Guide—

I set out to find one.

(for these cuties)

I'm a professional officiant turned ceremony coach, and I specialize in helping couples plan unforgettable wedding ceremonies and write one-of-a-kind vows. I especially love getting to work with couples who have chosen a friend or family member to officiate, and don't have support from an experienced officiant. 

When I helped some good friends tie the knot last summer, I tried to find a vows resource that would tell them everything they needed to know about writing heartfelt vows—and I simply couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted something that would completely take the stress and guesswork out of writing your own vows. I wanted a foolproof strategy for writing incredible, personal , keepsake vows. 

But many of the existing vows resources I found along the way that promised a “step-by-step” process went something like this:

  1. Reflect on what you love about your partner and your relationship (jot some notes!)

  2. Put your notes together and make sure to include some promises (3-7 is a good number)

  3. Practice, practice, practice (you’ll want to read them aloud a few times before you do them at the altar)

  4. Don’t forget to give your officiant a copy! (DO make the back-up plan just in case you forget your vows)

And every time I thought: Is it just me or could step #2 use some elaboration??

That's when I began to create the vows resource I wished already existed. After months of editing and test runs, I'm ready to release the Vows Guide and share the best of what I've learned helping lots of different couples write vows that blow their partner away.


—My Purchase Guarantee—

It's not you, it's the Vows Guide

Because I want this to be the most accessible Vows Guide on the market, so I'm going to be improving it forever. So if you don’t find it as easy as I've promised to compose vows you’re proud of, I offer a purchase guarantee: It’s not you, it’s the Vows Guide. If you work through this book and still feel writer’s block, then contact me for complimentary vows services. You’ll get the vows you dreamed of—and I’ll learn how to make the Vows Guide even better the next time around.

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