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9 Modern Ways to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

These artist-owned small businesses are giving floral preservation a fresh new look!

The wedding bouquet as we know it dates back to the Victorian era, but brides across cultures have carried flowers since antiquity—to ward off evil spirits, to accentuate their beauty, and even to mask body odor. These days the bouquet is often considered the pinnacle of floral design and the focal point of your wedding look. Some people design their bouquet according to the sentimental value or meaning associated with specific flowers. Even if they don't care about what their flowers symbolize, many people expect their bouquet to seamlessly tie together their wedding colors and decor in one stunning arrangement.

It’s a lot to expect from a bouquet! And those high expectations are often reflected in the price tag. When you’re spending so much time and money on a personalized bouquet, it’s a shame to watch it turn into a heap of deteriorating petals in your storage closet. And if you’re like me, you didn’t know there was an alternative to traditional “wedding bouquet preservation”—a phrase which used to make me think of the dull, fragile flowers my grandmother kept behind glass next to her wedding portrait.

But in recent years, this age-old tradition has been given new life as modern artists reinvent bouquet preservation, transforming your wilted blooms into stunning works of art that can be enjoyed for years to come—and with no petal breakage!

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to commemorate your own wedding day or simply seeking inspiration for a thoughtful and sentimental gift, there are countless ways to preserve a wedding bouquet that are both beautiful and meaningful. These nine artist-owned small businesses are reimagining what it looks like to preserve your wedding bouquet, and from watercolor renderings and embroidered replicas to custom jewelry and do-it-yourself resin keepsakes, there’s something for everyone on this list (and every budget, too). Plus, some of these artists work their wonders from photos alone, so it’s never too late to preserve your wedding bouquet, even if the flowers are long gone.

Tell us how you're preserving your wedding bouquet in the comments below!

1. Kim Art Designs - Embroidered Replicas

A word from the artist, Kimber Casteel:

"I am a self taught hand embroidery artist, specializing in wedding bouquet replicas. I have a passion for bringing photos and florals back to life, full of color and texture to last a lifetime. One of my favorite aspects of my business is making pieces that are 100% custom, so if there is any flower or arrangement that is symbolic to you, I can replicate it in a special embroidered piece. I also offer custom ornaments to commemorate life's milestones, as well as pet portraits and more!"

Prices starting at $175 for a 5 inch replica.

2. Blossom and Rhyme - Resin Keepsakes

A word from the artist, Rachael Croxall:

"I have always been deeply passionate about writing poetry and intertwining that passion with real-life love stories, just like yours and mine. I decided to combine my love for resin art, weddings, and poetry and started Blossom and Rhyme. I preserve flowers in resin and uniquely handcraft each order with a design and poem that matches your story. Our mission is to go beyond floral preservation by connecting with individuals who long to stop time around their most precious memories."

Prices starting at $450.

3. Shealeen Louise - Watercolor Renderings

A word from the artist, Shealeen Louise Bishop:

"Custom bouquet paintings are some of my absolute favorite paint subjects. I love that they carry such sentimental value, and I am honored each time I am asked to create something unique and one of a kind with my paints. Each of my custom wedding bouquet paintings is made with professional series Winsor & Newton paints, and painted onto 100% cotton, cold pressed watercolor paper.”

Prices starting at $190.

4. Soil & Soul Studio - DIY Preservation Kits

A word from their website:

"The Bouquet Preservation Kit is an easy, step-by-step process to preserve your flowers at home and create a meaningful keepsake. If you love creativity or simply enjoy getting lost in a beautiful moment, then this offering was made for you."

Priced at $179 for a DIY ring holder kit.

5. Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics - Ceramic Imprints

A word from the artist, Charlotte Hupfield:

"I preserve special occasion flowers by pressing them into clay before turning them into bespoke artisan ceramic keepsakes. The special pieces forever hold cherished memories and tell a story. Flowers can be fresh, wilted, or dried. With my magic touch and the addition of ceramic pigments and glazes, the flowers are brought back to life to be enjoyed forever. Ideal for creating treasured keepsakes for yourself and to give as gifts."

Prices starting at £10.

6. Letter Lane Design Studio - Watercolor Stationery

A word from the artist, Brittany Russell:

"I can't remember a time when I wasn't in love with design, whether it be color, letters, layout, anything! I was doodling on things constantly as a child, and I always had to hand-make greeting cards for family and friends. That love for colors, typography and design has stuck with me, all the way from childhood through college and into adulthood, and now I own my dream business where I get to create beautiful things for wonderful people who love art. Letter Lane Design Studio was built as a result of my passion for art and creativity, and with the goal of working with those who value art and want to add a unique and beautiful touch to their home, event or products through custom watercolor, illustration and hand lettering. My ultimate goal is to create something truly beautiful that brings pure joy to you and those around you."

Prices starting at $250 for custom illustrations.

7. Petal Archive - Resin Keepsakes

A word from the artist, Bri Alexander:

"I specialize in preserving wedding flowers. After your wedding, you send your flowers to Petal Archive, and you will get back your flowers preserved in a resin keepsake that will last forever. My offerings include bookends, arches, ring holders, and paper weights. When most memories from your wedding are contained in photos, this gives you another way to showcase your memories."

Prices starting around $200.

8. Ash Tree Art - Custom Jewelry

A word from the artist, Ashley Berry:

"I started my floral and custom bouquet jewelry business three years ago with the intention to create mementos for brides to cherish long after their wedding. I aspire to bring joy and elegance with every creation and encourage others to "live life abloom." Bouquets can be transformed into a necklace, pair of earrings, ornament, or a combination of all. Each custom piece is carefully hand-crafted to expertly match colors, resemble flowers, and create a lasting memory.

Prices starting at $60 for custom pieces.

9. Eight Acorns Floral Preservation - Pressed Flower Frames & Acrylic Slabs

A word from the artist, Anastasia Rasulova:

"Eight Acorns Floral Preservation was born out of the passion for botany, a lost art of herbarium and a wish to preserve homegrown flowers to prolong their brief beauty. It developed from a unique jewelry line that features real flowers, and grew into a line of a variety of products like stationery, wall art, and floral decor. Our specialty is modern wedding bouquet preservation, which features a minimalistic approach and clean aesthetics. From the delicate rose grown by an avid gardener to a spectacular wedding bouquet, any special occasion flowers can be turned into a memorable custom keepsake. We accept florals from all around the US and most importantly, we guarantee a stunning unique product that lasts a lifetime."

Prices ranging from $250-$600 for pressed flower frames and $400-$700 for acrylic slabs.

There are more ways than ever to preserve your wedding bouquet.

And more choices means more options to suit every style and budget. Here at Something New Ceremonies, I believe that everyone should have choices when it comes to which traditions you include in your wedding, but it’s just as important to have choices about how you want to preserve those moments as keepsakes and rituals for years to come.

It’s my goal to be a resource to you as you plan all the traditions for your wedding day, including helping you think about which details from your wedding are important to you to preserve as keepsakes. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you create a wedding full of moments to remember!

(Each Instagram photo used in this post is shared with the artist's permission.)

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